A deadly dungeon. An evil wizard …

12-year-old Sammy Nichols must face both if he wants to get his puppy back.

He must team up with Bart Baker, caretaker of the Magical Prison, if he’s to defeat the prison’s dangerous defenses and rescue his puppy, Elizabeth Bennett.

If they fail, the prison’s sole occupant—Lord Durga—will escape and wreak havoc on the world again.


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Beneath the green lawns of Middle Park lies a perilous labyrinth known only as the Magical Prison. It’s caretaker, Bart Baker, only appears to be a kid in an old tattered old suit. He must ensure that Lord Durga, the prison’s sole occupant, doesn’t escape.

When 12-year-old Sammy Nichols’s only friend, a puppy called Elizabeth Bennet, is snatched into the prison, Sammy uses a mystical rune to enter the deadly dungeon.

Evil cultist’s want to use Elizabeth to free Lord Durga. With the prison’s defenses blocking his every move, freeing Elizabeth Bennet will require all of Sammy’s courage.

Bart and Sammy must learn to work together, make it through the Madness Gate, battle the Army of the Dead, and even face the terrible Lord Durga himself.

If they fail to reach her in time, Lord Durga will escape with Elizabeth as his prisoner – forever.

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